Know why Cyber Security is important for Lebanon

Once known to be the deprived nations of the world, due to its political instability and lack of pro-Government policies. Lebanon had drawn itself into a position where its ranking in corruption was 87th out of 113 countries, 105 out of 137 countries on competitiveness and ranked 133 out of 190 countries on cost of doing business.

But today the Lebanese government is working in close cooperation with the European Union (EU) to revive the economy and bring forth the best advancements, strategies to Lebanon in overcoming its challenges and building a resilience of network by adapting to key driver of today’s economy – Digital Transformation.

As the world shifts towards an era of digitization, Lebanese government leaving no stone unturned to maximize the digital services such as e-commerce, clean energy & clean technologies to mitigate the risks and consequences of climate change, health and life sciences, AI, Blockchain, IoT, FinTech, robotics and nanotechnologies. The Government believes that a digital Lebanon would elevate the ideas & innovations of their talented youth and entrepreneurs, human capital and attract FDI to promote technological innovation and knowledge-intensive sectors.

Stats has shown that there is a massive transformation change in usage of internet in the country, against a population of 6.08 million, an average of 4.65 million people are active in internet, social media platforms and with around 4.73 million mobile subscribers.

Digital Transformation is good but it also comes with a baggage of Threats, Fraud, Vulnerability, Ransom ware with this migration as a challenge and risk, the government of Lebanon is doing everything in its capacity to ensure a secure nation.

However bracing the entire country and its businesses (private & public) from cyber threats is a herculean task. “Thus the Prime Minister of Lebanon Mr. Saad Hariri nominated a Committee with representatives from Ministries of Telecommunication, Commerce and Industry, Education, Justice, Defense and the Council of Ministers, as well as security agencies and academia to prepare a comprehensive cyber strategy”.

Sensing the importance of Cyber Security, Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Civil Aviation Safety Center of Lebanon has taken a bold step to address the key challenges faced in Lebanon due to cyber threats, by hosting the first cyber security conference in Lebanon in collaboration Explore Exhibitions and Conferences LLP.


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